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digital solutions

We help our clients develop their business, services and products with digital solutions.

We find new ways to solve your old problems. We believe in optimization, in using customer insights and data to take data-driven decisions on further development.

Some examples of our expertise areas:

  • Strategies (Digital, Social Media, Content, Target)
  • Prestudies/Business cases/decision support
  • Service Design
  • Episerver-based digital services/websites/intranets
  • WordPress-based websites
  • Dashboards for data visualization/conversion tracking
  • Marketing automation strategies
  • Digital and graphic concepts
  • Education (Editor, Google Analytics, SEO, SEM).

Our philosophy is that all digital solutions are in an ongoing beta version, which continuously develops based on insights about customers and data. As a digital partner to you we are committed to continually optimize and improve!


To visualize a future version of yourself is the first step in digital transformation. It is not about finding short-term improvements in your existing business. Competition comes from those who see several steps ahead and visualize new solutions, several generations better than the one that exists today.

Be the one who takes the lead!

Let us help


Once you have visualized your future digital self, it is the time to lay the first piece of the puzzle to get there. It can be anything from changing company communication in digital channels and realizing digital offerings to streamlining internal processes using smart systems support. Each piece of the puzzle must be well thought out with clarity of purpose, approach and allocated outcome targets. Throughout the process, it is extremely important to follow up and measure that the desired effect is reached.

Place a piece of the puzzle


To be successful you must first decide what success is. With clear and measurable objectives, you can understand cause and effect, and place resources where matter most. We use web analytics, conversion optimization and user testing to work data-driven, and with your target audience in mind. Then we can continually improve the user experience, reduce costs or increase revenue. We ensure that you will be successful!