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SEO Manager for Episerver

Moguls SEO Manager add-on is the best way to ensure optimal SEO rankings and visibility. Say goodbye to broken links, and say hello to great SEO performance and user experience. And the best part is that SEO Manager works automatically without need for supervision.


Unique product – works for all Episerver sites

SEO Manager, Moguls add-on for Episerver CMS, is a unique product on the market. It is stable, scalable and works great on both small sites and big international multilingual sites with thousands of pages. Just install it and it will do its job automatically in the background. So you can focus on keeping your visitors engaged and happy.


No more broken links and wasted SEO power

One of the most important factors for great SEO ranking is incoming links to your site. A broken link or a “Cannot be found-page (404)” is a clear signal that your site is not relevant, and will lead to you dropping in visibility and ranking. A high position in the search results will generate more visitors and increased visibility, for your content and your brand. SEO Manager takes care of your links, giving you great SEO performance. It’s also your best friend when building a new site, because it makes sure all the old links keep working.

SEO Manager for Episerver


Product highlights

  • Install and forget (works in background)
  • Automatic redirects (301) if a page is renamed, moved or deleted
  • Easy redirects setup (single, bulk or RegEx)
  • Manage duplicate content with canonical links
  • Import and export SEO Manager URLs
  • Available as CMS gadget for editors


Manage an existing site

Forget time-consuming administration and manual updates of sitemaps and robot.txt files. With SEO Manager it’s super easy to work with your content and CMS structure. You can easily move pages around in the CMS without having to worry about broken links or bad SEO performance. And no need for making complicated and manual changes - SEO Manager redirects automatically. And if you move the page again the redirect will be updated (no stacking of multiple redirects).

If you worry about duplicate content, SEO Manager is your best friend. It sets canonical URLs that consolidate all the URL variants of a page that Episerver creates. This way you point to a single (canonical) URL that gets all the ranking and SEO power.


Building or moving to a new site

Every site builds up SEO power over time. Making sure you don’t lose this is your top priority when migrating to a new site or platform. SEO Manager gives you the ability to take care of all the links coming to your site, as well as internal linking, so that your site keeps the relevance and visibility. As well as keeping your old customers happy by guiding them to the correct content, with imported URLs and without disappointing Cannot be found-pages (404).

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Lennart Olsson

Product owner
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