Building newsletter functionality in EPiServer 7.5

I found that all logic that was interested to me was in EPiServer.Personalization namespace. I then realize that I can’t rely on what EPiServer offers to me whit this.Completely custom solution was what I needed to do.

Publicerad: 2014-10-21 Taggar: EPiServer

SEO manager - version released

The new version of SEO manager for EPiServer 7.5+ is out! In this release, we mostly focus on refinement and bug fixes.

Publicerad: 2014-08-20 Taggar: .net, SEO, EPiServer

Workaround for extending the LinkItemCollection to support anchors

As announced in one of the previous posts on supporting adding links with anchors by EPiServer editors, other than extending a TinyMCE link, one might also want to have the same functionality when adding links using a LinkItemCollection or Url.

Publicerad: 2014-05-29 Taggar: EPiServer

Extending EPiServer link in TinyMCE to support anchors on page

Recently, we were in need to add an anchor navigation inside content pages. This resulted in clients asking for a possibility to link to some specific part of content and not only to the top of the page. So, here is how.

Publicerad: 2014-05-21 Taggar: EPiServer

Time zone property for EPiServer 6

Check out the code for an EPiServer 6 property that provides an editor with an ability to select a time zone

Publicerad: 2013-10-25 Taggar: EPiServer
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