What we do

Digital solutions that make life easier

Everything we do will be used by people and therefore our methods to identify and understand user needs is the key to meet our clients goals. Our offering is digital solutions that make life easier, both at work and at home.

Best practise is always included

At Mogul we deliver a new solution almost every day. Which means that we constantly evaluate and improve our ideas and knowledge. The result is that you gain access to a unique knowledge bank whenever you choose to work with us.


An expert or a whole team

Mogul's broad knowledge enable us to always staff your projects wisely. Whether you need an expert on digital design or a whole development team, we will help you.


From idea to maintenance

Mogul is designed to be a full service supplier of digital solutions. We have skills ranging from strategy to maintenance, as well as support routines and systems that enable us to deliver more value for less money in the long term.


A place for innovation

Our days are filled with constant problem solving and sharing of ideas. It has created a work place characterized by curiosity, in which a developer can contribute with valuable ideas to a designer's work and vice versa. Through such meetings true innovation is often conceived.

Proven solutions

We strive to use technology that promotes efficiency, security and sustainability. Our focus is Microsoft, IBM and Java based systems, but we also use Atlassian and other open source platforms.